P.S.-Pooh Says...

"What day is it? - 'It's today' - squeaked Piglet. 'My favourite day' - said Pooh."- A.A. Milne

06 December 2009

Counting to 40-Big Bird at Mid Life, Celebrating 4 Decades of Sunny Days on Sesame Street

"This instrument can teach, it can illuminate; yes, and even it can inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise, it is nothing but wires and lights in a box."
Edward R. Murrow, speech to the Radio and Television News Directors Association, Oct. 15, 1958.

Gordon Robinson: Sally, you've never seen a street like Sesame Street. Everything happens here. You're gonna love it!
The very first line spoken on the very first episode from November 1969

Although I am a few weeks late wishing Sesame Street a Happy 40th Birthday I don't think it is ever too late to celebrate the best!

Since 1969 a group of colorful puppets, lovingly known as The Muppets-created by Jim Henson, have been doing what very few other television programs have ever been able to do successfully. For forty years the fuzzy motley crew that resides on Sesame Street has been fulfilling the real potential of the "box with wires" that sits in all of our homes-to entertain and educate. Come Visit Applause!

Gordon and Susan introduce Sally to Sesame Street on the First Episode