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"What day is it? - 'It's today' - squeaked Piglet. 'My favourite day' - said Pooh."- A.A. Milne

10 November 2009

Texting Wilma Flintstone-Talk to Me!

Wilma Flintstone and I have always had a lot in common. We both love large Pearls around our neck, we both prefer to go barefoot and we both know how to CHAAARGGEIT! So it is no wonder that when it comes to technology there are times I prefer living in Bedrock.

I do consider myself to be relatively techie smart. I live on email, I can web surf with the best of them, I have a Blackberry, a laptop, I have a Blog (hello!) a Facebook page, a Twitter account...You will NOT catch me using Skype however, do I have to put mascara on to have a phone conversation??

If I have something to say I still prefer to pick up the phone! Phones...remember those?? Apparently they are becoming DINOsaurs. Have you tried to buy a phone that plugs into a wall lately-good luck! OK...I admit,I no longer have a land line but am seriously considering putting one in just to be counted among those who remember when you had to pick up a receiver and dial to talk to someone. Truly, it wasn't that hard to do--people did it for years!

So far this week I have received three text messages-I have ignored them all! Most people know I don't usually respond to them anyway. Maybe it is a generational thing, but all the text messages came from people under 30. I know...I am sounding terribly ancient here,but you know what... I am happy living in Bedrock if it means that I actually get to hear what the other person has to say and that they can listen to what I have to tell them.

By the time I tap out a text message the whole planet could change-and you certainly cannot text and do anything else-like drive! So if you are a serial multi-tasker like me texting is just impossible. How rude is it when you are sitting in a meeting or over lunch and the person you are with is texting while you are talking! There really should be an Etiquette Guide to all this, but good manners and texting seem not to go together for some reason.

I really believe a lot gets lost in the cyber garbage when you are trying to get details down through texts-I know there are LOTS of cute little acronyms to express a situation but if I want to really tell you how I feel three letters won't do it. Sure there are times I don't want to talk-that's why there is voicemail! So if you have something you want to say-email me, better yet pick up a pen and write me a lovely note on beautiful notepaper. If you need me now-pick up the phone and Talk to me!