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04 October 2009

A Sweater AfFAIR-Classic Fair Isle Inspiration

Every knitter loves the Fall...new yarns, gorgeous patterns, crunchy knits in glorious colors. I think this Fall's designs are among the best collections in many years---I don't know where to start! There are books and skeins and needles all over the place as I rework and redesign and just play! Love it!!

Kim Hargreaves

I really cannot remember a time when I was not a knitter. I try to think back to what brought me to cast on my first stitches. I do remember falling in love with a sweater and thinking "I can make that!" Whenever I walk into a shop or open a magazine or catalogue I have sweater radar and zoom right into designs that inspire. I am famous for standing outside a shop with a pad and pen and scribbling and sketching something I just saw(not polite to do it in the shop!)


Somehow,however, I always turn back to go forward. I love classic. The new knitting has been a lot about architecture-form, fit, angles...and its all fabulous and interesting and fun to knit as it pushes us as knitters to knit out of the box. For my knitting style,however, I find particularly at this time of year that I am reaching for design that fits any mood and any decade. Sweaters my Mother wore and sweaters that are a joy to knit.

Vogue Knitting

Vintage Vogue is a great resource that inspires me , but I often turn to Ralph Lauren who has never strayed very far from bringing looks that echo history yet move easily in a new age.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has captured classic and made traditional style his own with his design signature that echos classic American Prep, Western Prairie, Ski Chic,English Country House and Grace Kelly Elegance. Time and again the Lauren runway returns to the classic Sweater Girl look and it often starts with one of my favorite techniques to knit come fall -Fair Isle. Come Visit Winding Yarn.