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18 October 2009

A Signature Flair-Charlotte Moss' Halcyon Days

The silent muse does speak. She speaks to me everyday, an inner voice coaxing prodding, pushing urging. "live for today...today is all there is." Learning how to really live, to cultivate a flair for living in all you do, is a lifelong process. Charlotte Moss

Charlotte Moss: A Flair for Living

When Charlotte Moss closed her West Village shop she did not leave us high and dry without her "Flair for Living". It seems that you cannot open a design magazine without seeing her featured and she has just been included on Traditional Home's 20 Top Design Icons of our Time List.


The Charlotte Moss style and signature is now showcased through her partnerships with homeware manufacturers such as Brunschwig and Fils and Fabricut for fabrics and wallpapers, Pickard for China and table accents, and Seibert-Rice for Garden accents.


Brunschwig and Fils

All of her design work starts with the people and places that have been inspirations to Charlotte Moss throughout her life. Her travels,a good book, gardens, special treasures she has found for her collections... are all reflected not only in her design work, but also her philosophy for living.

Just introduced is her new Muse Collection for renowned enamel treasures retailer Halcyon Days, suppliers of "Objets d'Art" to the Royal Family and specializing in antique and current collections that are created in the same manner as 18th century English enamels. Halcyon Days is known for their precious hand painted enamel and gilt edged boxes and clocks.

Charlotte Moss' Muse Collection is a group of "forever" items that belong on a dressing table, powder room, bedside chest, entry table and even in an evening bag. I love these for perfect gifts as each piece expresses an individual personality. Come Visit A Well Appointed Life