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25 October 2009

For the Frill of it! Beyond Bridesmaid-Reasons to Get Ruffled


With Halloween only a week away I am noticing a lot of costume looking pieces hanging on main line store racks---


leaving me to wonder what designers are thinking...what are buyers and merchandisers thinking??? Does everything need a ruffle on it???

In all fairness to Seventh Avenue though it could be that I am just still haunted by BAD Bridesmaid memories. Once upon a time I was forced to be seen in public looking like a blueberry with ruffles and since then I break out in hives whenever I am within 100 yards of anything polyester/acetate and ruffly.

I am not alone on this one, on a recent episode of Project Runway Heidi Klum declared that she was "not a big fan" of ruffles either. Even if you have been scared by one too many bridesmaid dresses you cannot help but notice that ruffles are having their day! Wherever you look you can see that designers are incorporating ruffles at necklines, hemlines, on shoes, coats, bags...

Ralph Lauren

The Runways and Red Carpets are All-a-Ruffle as is The First Lady

I may never walk out in public, short of October 31, in a lot of the be-ruffled wear of the season but even this former bridesmaid admits that ruffles done well have their place....


Come Visit The Shopping Bag Chronicles for the Frill of it!!!... and if like me you have been inspired to play with a Ruffle here or there Please turn to Winding Yarn for ruffles from the needles...

Kim Hargreaves