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13 August 2009

Out from the Shadows, Into the Sunlight of Useful Living-Salvaging Lives, In Appreciation-Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Let me win,
but if I cannot win
let me be brave
in the attempt.

In a family of competition, prestige and power she was a force. In an era of constraints of gender and social standing she was ambitious, determined and a leader. Eunice Kennedy Shriver was the fifth of 9 children and the one daughter to step out front and stand toe to toe with her famous brothers who were groomed by their father for politics and power. She did not sit on the sidelines in her family or in her life, choosing instead to get on the field and play ball with the boys.

Eunice Kennedy would make her own mark and live her own life of service leaving a legacy of extraordinary accomplishment in the fight to bring mental and intellectual challenges out from the shadows. Her younger sister Rosemary was institutionalized most of her life and was given a lobotomy in a treatment that would be unheard of today in many thanks to the work of her sister Eunice. Please Visit Pearls of Grace

"You are the stars and the world is watching you. By your presence you send a message to every village,every city,every nation. A message of hope. A message of victory."