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06 June 2009

A Note of Regret-The Closing of Mrs. John L. Strong

I love getting mail...not email, though sometimes that can be nice...usually I spend more time hitting delete than reading. The mail I love to receive is handwritten, in an envelope, with a stamp. Like most of us, I live my life typing emails. To open the mailbox and receive a handwritten note on lovely stationery is so rare but such a joy and the ultimate gesture. For someone to take the time to sit and actually take pen to paper to write me means they care.

I grew up with a love for beautiful paper and will always believe that handwritten matters! So it was with sadness that I learned of the closing of Mrs. John L. Strong. Since 1929 the stationer created paper for royalty, presidents, world leaders, socialites, icons of style such as Jacqueline Bouvier, The Duchess of Windsor,Diana Vreeland, Anna Wintour,celebrities and people who just wanted to make that special impression.

Mrs. Strong began selling engraved papers, invitations, calling cards, etc. to her New York social register clientele from her sister's trousseau shop and eventually grew to take her own atelier at 699 Madison Avenue. Mrs. Strong also sold through Gump's and Henri Bendel's and was considered THE source for occasions, announcements, invitations and that important daily note. Come Vist A Well Appointed Life