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03 May 2009

Losing Their Stripes-Henri Bendel Closes the Closet Door

Of all the indicators of the economic times we are living through perhaps the most interesting to observe is what is happening in retailing. As the stock markets begins to rebound ever so slowly we all know there is a long way to go, but to think we will ever return to "normal" is foolish. The "norm" was never healthy and it is time to change how we spend and how we shop...Did the world really need a Gap on ever block? To see Mall stores fold is sad for the people who lose their jobs,but for those of us who have a romantic notion of retailing there is no loss in store after store after store of "the same".

Shopping was once a joy, a special time shared with good friends or your Mom. We all have memories of shopping for our first party dress, our first pair of heels, our grown-up occasion outfit, our first love of a handbag. Shopping is no longer a collection of special memories but a blur of shopping bags filled with things we don't remember buying.

It is sad to watch the great stores, the stores that invented American retailing and that have been a part of building special memories for generations disappear. In Boston they are all gone. This week yet another retail legend Henri Bendel ,the store that introduced Coco Chanel to America,added to the shift that retailing is going through with their announcement that they will no longer carry luxury clothing and instead will focus on accessories and cosmetics. Come Visit The Shopping Bag Chronicles.