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16 March 2009

Facing It!-My Annual Search for a Whole NEW Me!

There is an annual journey I take each year. Determined that This will be the year that I find flawless skin. No more blotchiness, no more breakouts, no more spots,bumps,flakes,pores you can plant potatoes in...no more lines and creases before their time! Is that too much to ask?

I really am not a product junkie..but somehow with each passing year I find more and more jars,bottles,brushes,glosses,STUFF living in my bathroom and still I am back out there on the trail.

Off I go in search of the Dream moisturizer that doesn't make me look older!... A spot concealer that doesn't peel my whole face off.... a mascara that doesn't give me eyelashes that look like One BIG Lash! How about a gloss that actually stays on my lips? I also go on a fragrance safari-sniffing my way around the globe trying to find body lotion that doesn't make me smell like a fruit stand or a fragrance that doesn't put me to bed with a migraine.

It is now March...I am exhausted! and so is my credit card...

I have explored every skincare line known to womankind. Read Every magazine article(PLEASE publication world STOP writing about Getting Great Skin at Any Age-it ain't happening!) Torn ads out of magazines, done on-line skin analysis surveys, printing off the results and carrying them with me-I need how many products???!!

I have spritzed and sniffed and shmeared and dabbed and buffed and brushed and been made up and put down. ENOUGH!

Here's what I learned from this year's odyssey along with some products that I think are worth checking into,obviously everyone's skin care needs and likes are different but hopefully it will help you on your next "I Hate My...."day. Please Visit The Shopping bag Chronicles