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20 November 2008

A Whole New TWIST-Run for the Needles--The Winter Twist Collective

Mari Muinonen's Sylvi

I am a magazine junkie...if it has pages I subscribe to it. There are piles of unread issues that I never seem to have time to catch up with and loose leaf notebooks stuffed with pages of design details, fabrics, recipes, wonderful inns, great bags...and of course knitting ideas!

The magazines I always find time for are my knitting magazines, but lately they have let me down...not a lot that grabbed my needles---that was until the Twist Collective

Technically the Twist Collective is not a magazine but a Webzine, you don't flip through the pages...you click through the pages. Now the whole on-line magazine/periodical thing, webzines, has not caught on with me. I still like the feel of the New York Times in my hand, and love to curl up on a rainy day with a pile of unread Vogues and Traditional Homes and Town and Countrys and...You can't curl up with a laptop and you can't tear the pages out!

Pam Allen's Ariosa Cowl with Watercolors by Eloise Narrigan

That is why I was skeptical when I first heard about The Twist Collective--a knitting magazine on-line???? How could that work???

Tuulia Salmela's Cabled Cuff Gloves

WOW... was I WRONG!! This is not your Mother's Knitting magazine!!What a Joy! The new Winter Twist is ready and online and it is just beautiful!! A visual treat filled with lovely articles with the centerpiece of course being the collection of patterns that will have you running for the needles! Visit Winding Yarn!

Sadie Dayton Photography from Twist Collective