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05 November 2008

Change Has Come to America-President-Elect Barack Obama

"There are no red states, there are no blue states, there is the United States"

Change has come to America...with no balloons, no confetti, no fireworks...just a voice,somber, real,passionate. Tonight,there are no colors...the face of the American map, as he told us 4 years ago, is not about red states and blue states...it is about the people of the United States.

The campaign saw the shift, knew the body politic had undergone a seed change demographically, enviornmentally, technologically,emotionally...and they knew those were the paths to reach change. They built a coalition, a movement, one American at a time.

Did the rotten economy help? Sure. Did the choice of a quirky right leaning inexperienced Sarah Palen help? Yes. Did the profound unpopularity of Bush help? Absolutely...but this election from the start was a rocket ride for Obama. His intelligence and ability to understand this country,read the faces of this country, resulted in the realization that we will never be the same.

A country that just 4 years ago re-elected George W. Bush woke up and realized that their destiny was in their own hands..they did not and could not accept life as we have lived it the past 8 years...Barack Obama led us to that place.

It was about the numbers. The faces behind those numbers are not the same that they were even 4 years ago...the faces in Chicago in Grant Park,hundreds of thousands, were made up of the real America. An America that needed leadership, that needed to be "fired up" and it was Barack Obama who knew how to do this and who reached out to every corner of this country and created a force.

There are those who will never accept this election, as perhaps they cannot accept change, fear and ignorance may keep them from understanding that there is a new electorate, a shifting electorate, the torch as been passed. Please Visit Political Woman and Pearls of Grace