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12 October 2008

Better than Mac and Cheese! Run for the Needles!

I know, I know...it has been a wild, rough and tumble week. Unless your name is Warren Buffet the news has not been cheerful. Stock tickers combined with the noise from the election, which even this political junkie has had enough of, you may just want to crawl under the covers...not so fast!...not without your knitting.

I admit to knitting a la Madame Defarge this week....through debates and playoff games and Dramamine rides on Wall Street- I have gone running for my needles! How to cope...well, not a lot you can do and that is maddening in and of itself...so you might as well breathe and knit! This is knitting season!! and no matter the news casting on a new project always brings us back to what matters most...yarn! So much better than Macaroni and Cheese to provide comfort don't you think?!

Tammy Eigeman Thompson

Where to start??? Here are some thoughts to get you to turn off CNN and run for the needles! Please Visit Winding Yarn