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30 October 2008

All We Are Saying...A Timely Anniversary Celebration

You know that everybody has a voice
And how they use it is their own free choice
But in your glory I will not rejoice
If you choose the ways of war...While the winds of war rage on
Let mine (oh let my small voice) be a voice
for peace...Let it start here with me...Dan Fogelberg, A Voice for Peace

OK, so I am a "little" late with these Birthday wishes, but Happy 50th Birthday Peace Symbol!! You still look good!! The actual event was February 21st but I think as we hyperventillate our way toward this Tuesday its a good time to Give Peace a Chance!

The Peace Sign first appeared amidst the British Anti-Nuclear Protests 50 years ago. Designer and conscientious objector Gerald Holtom fashioned the symbol from the flag signal alphabet using the N for Nuclear and D for disarmemement and placed them within a circle to symbolize earth.

Mr Holtom explained that the symbol also demonstrated a person in despair with their arms stretched downward but later regretted that analogy as he wished that the sign be inverted so that the "arms" would be upward in celebration of Peace. The Peace sign would be carried across the Atlantic and grew in popularity and use throughout the civil rights movement,into the 70s anti-war movement and the anti-nuclear protests of the 80s. Today it is considered nostalgic and retro but remains the dominate symbol and internationally recognized sign for PEACE.
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