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27 September 2008

Designer's Choice-Politics Hit the Runway

Narciso Rodriguez

The first Presidential Debate of this fleeting campaign season is in the books...who won?? Depends upon where you sit. My guess is there was not much movement in position coming out of last night's (almost didn't happen) debate. The issues are extraordinarily complex and there will never be a simple answer to resolve the magnitude of a mess this nation is in...you have to ask, why would anyone want that job?? It is a frightening time but if you love the political game it is a great ride.

This has indeed been an historic campaign and for years and years to come the 2008 Election will be studied and analyzed. Maybe with all we face, with all that is at stake in this election we need to step back from the political attacks, strategic games, well placed insinuations and very tall tales of accomplishments, and ask "What Do You Wear to the most important election of our time?? Please Visit Political Woman and The Shopping Bag Chronicles

Tory Burch